Hello everyone, I am Jack Williams; I am a Registered Nurse, and I teach Vocational Nursing at the Hill College Johnson County Campus in Cleburne, Texas. I was a recipient of a Faculty Grant from Hill College for faculty development.

I will be conducting distance learning webinars to Nursing and Echocardiology students on June 14 and 15, 2017. I will be residing in the Jules’ Undersea Lodge which is located in 30-feet of water in Key West, Florida, while my students will be at the Hillsboro and Johnson County campuses. The students will be presenting 15-minute PowerPoint presentations where we will be dicussing various diving disorders that might be encountered in a hospital or clinical setting.

Texas has almost 200 lakes and 400 miles of coast on the Gulf of Mexico. Also, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has International Airports that serve locations throughout the world. Nurses and Echocardiology Technicians may encounter clients that desire to dive or have returned from distant locations, and require clinical guidance or diagnostic procedures before and after SCUBA diving.

This grant will explore the capabilities of Hill College for distance learning and to provide the Nursing and Echocardiology students an extra skill set of post SCUBA diving medical disorders that would be valuable to local hospitals and clinics.

I will be posting blogs throushout the next two weeks leading up to my departure to Florida. Then I will do numerous blogs while residing in the Jules’ underwater habitat.

I look forward to you following me during this distance learning experience and adventure.





3 thoughts on “Introduction – Jack Williams

  1. I'm waiting at DFW Airport waiting for my flight out to Miami. I will get to Hotel tonight and to Jules' tomorrow's morning. I should start live streaming tomorrow sometime after 4 pm Texas time .


  2. I'm at the Sheraton Miami packing to go home tomorrow. I will spend time next week sorting through pictures to load on this blog. Tune in frequently as I hope to have some good pics to show.


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