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Rode in 2 Model T’s today. The first was a 1914 and the second was a 1923. One was a sedan with a folding top and the other was a forerunner of the taxi. There were 15 million of them produced from 1908 to 1927. They had 178 cubic inch engines and produced 20 horsepower. Today’s engines produce 250-300 horsepower with the same cubic inch displacement. The average gas mileage was 20 with a 10 gallon tank. Every Model T had the same chassis, engine, and transmission. The variety came with the body the purchaser desired. Chassis and drivelines were steel while many bodies were wood. Henry once commented that customers could have any color Model T they wanted as long as it was black.

We toured Greenfield Village where the Model T’s were found but also many of the homes Henry Ford had moved there over the years such as Robert Frost’s, Noah Webster’s, and George Washington Carver’s cabin. Mr. Ford moved many of Thomas Edison’s buildings: the Menlo Park Complex, and the Fort Myers laboratory.



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