I started the day with a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge, and while a little foggy, the bay was pretty clear, with nice views of Alcatraz Island.

I toured the island in the early afternoon, so the weather was clear with a nice breeze. I spent a few hours on the island, following along on the audio tour, which provides a substantial overview of the prisoner’s history, voiced by formal inmates and guards (today we would call them correctional officers, but they were definitely guards then).

Alcatraz was developed as a military fort, was converted into a military prison, was transferred to the Department of Justice and opened as a prison in 1934, and experienced three different occupations by American Indians before becoming a national park. While the history of Alcatraz is interesting, my interest is limited to the 29-year run as a federal prison; however, the island’s history is evident from military parade ground to the graffiti proclaiming the island to be Indian land.

One of the most interesting things about the island is the wildlife aspect. A variety of bird species have taken over the island due to a lack of land predators, and while visiting the home of various bird colonies can be as disgusting as you’d imagine, it was interesting to gull chicks up close.

I really enjoyed my visit to Alcatraz and I am excited to share some of the interesting history with you at All-Staff day. My crime analytics course starts after the Fourth of July holiday, so I’ve got to get some reading done to get ahead of schedule.

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