The city of Brotherly Love, a travel day. People here are kinder, slower paced, and they smile. More on that latter.

Left New York from Penn Station. A beautiful 100+ year old building that looks marvelous from the outside. Inside is dirty, dingy, and unkempt. People everywhere. Running, walking, sitting, eating and sleeping. One guy was watching his phone, and speed walking…right into a light post. There must be an object lesson here.

We have pre-purchased tickets and arrive 45 minutes early. We check the board and see no track assignment as we are going by rail. We show our ticket and are advised to sit in a waiting area. We get a track assignment, and an Amtrak employee escorts us to the elevator to the tunnel to get to the track…and leaves us. Reminder that I’m traveling with a special needs individual and my wife uses a disability scooter. The door opens on track 12 and the train is gone. So we go back up to the counter and get a replacement ticket. Three different employees, had opportunity to do the right thing, and the 4th one got it done, an hour latter.

So my lesson learned today, technology is blinding us, and people…mankind, needs to take care of each other. Brotherly love? Sounds pretty good.

So I’m in Philly to view Independence Hall and see the Liberty Bell. I’ll do that tomorrow. More details at All Staff day. Today has been a long day. But there was good as well. My 9 year old grandson rode his first train. And I rode a cross country train for the first time in 47 years. We drove through about 110 miles of American Heartland. And relaxed.

Good night and God Bless.

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