Today is still DC and was a day of reflection. We started with the Supreme Court and the significance of that institution to the 1st Amendment. Reflection on the court as a whole. Realization that individuals make up the body. We watched a movie about the workings of the court and how they deliberate. It was fascinating to reflect on the weight of their responsibility.

Next we went to the Lincoln Memorial. His platform was equality and unity. Not race, not segregation, not difference, but One People. Taking a divided nation and stitching it back together into one Union. Not an easy task. It cost him his life.

Adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial is the Vietnam Memorial. This was particularly poignant as my wife has a distant cousin that is on the wall. It also brought back memories as Vietnam was still ongoing when I had to register for the Selective Service. Reflection continues.

And finally, the Washington Monument. Standing opposite Lincoln on the mall. Spire rising to the sky, a testament to the 1st President. Washington built a government from scratch, and Lincoln rebuilt one from internal destruction. Lesson for the present?

Reflection, not reliving the mistakes of the past, but learning and applying that knowledge to the future.

God Bless.

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