Today was the National Air and Space Museum, and Arlington National Cemetery. Applicable to the trip, but not directly related to the study grant.

Fifty years. July 1969. I watched, I remember. My grandson is 9. How to explain the technology that has captured everyone, is a result, in part, of the Space Program. Loran, GPS, radio telemetry, Velcro, and hundreds of other everyday things came about because of our venture into Space. We walked around, we watched a movie, we looked at rockets, and motors, and space suits. And we talked about science fiction. My science fiction at 9, is now reality. Who knows what reality will come from his science fiction.

Arlington Cemetery. Rows of markers. How to explain. Honored dead that gave all. A nation remembers. The Tomb of the Unknown. Changing of the guard. Every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Old Guard doing their duty. Sun, heat, cold, storms, darkness. Nothing interferes. We watched, and I tried to explain. Freedom isn’t free. There is a horrible cost. He didn’t understand it all. I know there will be more questions. A seed planted, sometimes lies dormant for a season.

God Bless and good night.

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