Today was busy. We did the National Archives, Natural History Museum, and the White House.

The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights among many other documents. Centrally located in the Rotunda. Suspended in low light, argon gas, sealed ballistic glass in titanium frame. No pictures. Faded, fragile, but representing core values central to our republic. Democracy, rule of the people, by the people, For the people. Amazing to stand again in front of the display.

The Natural History Museum, so my grandson could see T-Rex, and the African Elephant. We saw a bunch of other stuff, tools, bones, gemstones, the Hope Diamond. But what he will remember, is T-Rex and the elephant.

The White House. From the mouth of a child…”it looks smaller than I expected”. Yes, it does. So much focus, energy, determination, and the last 2 years, drama. We stood and watched under a tree. He saw guards, he asked about the helicopters, and where the snipers were. He fed popcorn to a friendly squirrel. For him, that was the perfect end to the trip. A squirrel in front of the White House.

Airport tomorrow and home. A good trip. See you at All Staff Day.

God Bless.

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