Last Day

Today was busy. We did the National Archives, Natural History Museum, and the White House. The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights among many other documents. Centrally located in the Rotunda. Suspended in low light, argon gas, sealed ballistic glass in titanium frame. No pictures. Faded, fragile, but representing core values central … Continue reading Last Day



Today was the National Air and Space Museum, and Arlington National Cemetery. Applicable to the trip, but not directly related to the study grant. Fifty years. July 1969. I watched, I remember. My grandson is 9. How to explain the technology that has captured everyone, is a result, in part, of the Space Program. Loran, … Continue reading Honor


Today is still DC and was a day of reflection. We started with the Supreme Court and the significance of that institution to the 1st Amendment. Reflection on the court as a whole. Realization that individuals make up the body. We watched a movie about the workings of the court and how they deliberate. It … Continue reading Reflection

We The People

Yesterday we saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The Constitution. The foundation of our Republic. “We the People, in order to form a more perfect union, establish domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense...”. I read that and I see today, and wonder what the founding fathers would think. Unity and domestic tranquility need … Continue reading We The People

Phileo adelphos

The city of Brotherly Love, a travel day. People here are kinder, slower paced, and they smile. More on that latter. Left New York from Penn Station. A beautiful 100+ year old building that looks marvelous from the outside. Inside is dirty, dingy, and unkempt. People everywhere. Running, walking, sitting, eating and sleeping. One guy … Continue reading Phileo adelphos